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Public Safety Check

Supporting Fire/Rescue, EMS agencies, and Law Enforcement across the nation.

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The Home of Public Safety Check

Public Safety Check is a platform being used by Public Safety Departments and Agencies across the United States. This solution helps Firefighters, EMS providers, Law Enforcement Officers and other first responders tasked with ensuring their staff, vehicles and equipment are in a constant state of readiness.

This easy to use system will improve system efficiencies, eliminate the traditional paper forms and reports improve reporting of any system deficiencies, automate supervisory notifications and maintain a history of verifications and completed checks. In addition to checking equipment and vehicle components the platform has features that are important and unique to their responsibilities. Firefighters may take advantage of additional modules designed to track SCBA bottle hydrotesting, hose testing and ladder testing. EMS providers can track expiration dates as well as advanced inventory/supply management. Law Enforcement may utilize a locker feature for daily checkouts of shared equipment such as rifles, radar equipment, and body cameras.

From the direct feedback from the agencies utilizing this platform: Field personnel and staff will enjoy the benefits of a quicker check process while supervisory staff will realize the significant time savings of not having to review, document, or file paper copies as well as the automated and manual reporting options. Chief Officers, Commissioners and Senior Management will observe improved rig & truck checks, record keeping and program compliance.

Save Time

Improve Efficiency and Accountability

Accessible From Any Internet Enabled Device

Automated Notifications and Reports

Custom Search and Reporting Functionality

Mobile Device Friendly

Easy, Intuitive Interface

Multiple Web
Integration Options

New Features and Functionality is on the way

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Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Maintenance, Equipment Readiness (visual and functional inspections), Ladder Testing, Hose Testing, Inventory Management

Emergency Medical Services

Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Maintenance, Equipment Readiness, Inventory Management, Expiration Date Monitoring & Management

Law Enforcement

Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Maintenance, Equipment Readiness

Facility and Equipment Cache

Inventory Management, Equipment Readiness, Expiration Date Monitoring & Management

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